Sacramental Archive

The Sacramental Archive is a central storage of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Death/Funeral records for the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks. The Sacramental Archive is a great source for sacramental and genealogical information. Due to the records containing private information, they are not open to the public. A request for sacramental records must be made to the Sacramental Coordinator. Once a record is found, the Coordinator can issue official Certificates. To request sacramental records you may fill out the Sacramental Record Request Form.

Please plan ahead to give the Sacramental Coordinator sufficient time to search for your records. Due to the condition of some archival materials or lack of information, there is no guaranty that a request can be filled. It is very important to give plenty of information when requesting a search. Providing detailed information helps facilitate a more thorough search.

Tribunal Office

The Tribunal of the Diocese of Fairbanks is a service of the Catholic Church. It assists in the pastoral care of divorced persons seeking marriage in the Catholic Church, divorced and remarried persons seeking to have their marriage recognized in the Church, and divorced persons seeking clarification of their standing in the Church. The Tribunal is staffed by a lay person and clerics who assist in this ministry.

The Tribunal Administrator is primarily involved in the processing of marriage nullity cases, is knowledgeable of marriage policies, and assists the faithful of the Diocese who have canonical questions. Many assumptions are made about annulments and so contacting your pastor, pastoral administrator, or this office can often clear up many misconceptions. We are here to serve you and your needs if you have questions regarding marriage preparations or if you have a marriage that has ended in a divorce or dissolution.



Every person has a vocation in life, a special calling to serve God, through a very specific charism. Some are called to their place in the Body of Christ as a single, chaste person. Others, God invites to service within a spousal relationship: the Sacrament of Marriage. And some feel the call to the Priesthood or Religious life (Sisters, Brothers, Monks, Nuns, etc.).

Today there is a vital need for Priests and Religious in our parishes and communities throughout the country and in many parts of the world. Here in the Diocese of Fairbanks, we very much feel this need. Only five of our 46 parishes have the benefit of a full-time, assigned Priest as pastor. The rest of these parishes are served by a Priest, Religious Brother or Sister, or trained lay personnel which they must share with one or more parishes in other villages. Some of our missionary churches go for weeks without a visit by a priest, and therefore, without the holy sacrifice of the Mass or other Sacraments.

Please consider whether you may be a person God is calling to service through Priesthood or Religious life.


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