These protocols will change as we enter into Phase II but for now, we ask that you cooperate with these changes as we enter Phase I.

1. Church will open 30 Minutes before Mass and close 5 minutes after Mass a. Since the social hall is closed and the church needs to be cleaned after each use, people should depart within 5 minutes of the end of Mass.
2. Only 19 People will be allowed into the church at any one time.
a. We ask that you limit yourself to one daily Mass per week
3. All attending need to wear a face mask
4. There will not be any missalettes so please bring an electronic device or your own missalette if you need one.
5. No ministers will assist with the Mass
a. Priest will read all the readings
6. Music will be kept to a minimum as the social distancing rule for singing is 10 feet.
7. Reception of Communion will be by hand only
a. Keep six feet distance from the person in front of you
b. Please stretch out your arms, cup your hands and the priest will place host into your hand
c. Step six feet from the priest
i. Unveil the mask consume the host
ii. Place mask back on covering mouth and nose
iii. Return to your assigned seat
8. After the final blessing, the Church needs to be cleaned so please within 5 minutes of the close of Mass.