ReportBishopAbuse .org
or (800) 276-1562


The Catholic Bishop Abuse Reporting Service has been
established to receive reports of sexual abuse by bishops, and to
relay those reports to proper Church authorities for investigation.
Where a report includes a crime, such as the sexual abuse of a minor,
it will also be reported to civil authorities. Otherwise, reports will be
kept confidential.

If you have any other kind of complaint about a bishop-such as
parish assignments, church closings, or homily contents-please
address those directly to your diocesan or eparchial bishop instead.
Sexual abuse by a priest, deacon or a staff member or volunteer
of the Church should be reported to the office of Victim Assistance
in your local diocese/eparchy. So, to be sure you get the help you
need, phone numbers and addresses may be found on the diocesan/
eparchial website.

If you are the victim of sexual abuse (or any other crime), please
contact local law enforcement.