Planning, Design, Construction & Maintenance Updated February 2016



The building or renovation of any facility is a major undertaking for a parish. It has long range effects not only on the life of the parish, but also on the Diocese as a whole.

Canon 1276, paragraph 2, urges bishops to "take care of the ordering of the entire matter of the administration of ecclesiastical goods by issuing special instructions within the limits of universal and particular law." As such, these procedures have been established to assist the parish in this process.

The Diocesan Building Committee was established to serve as the Bishop's advisor in facility and construction matters. The Facilities & Construction Department along with the Diocesan Building Committee will assist with guiding the parish through the building process and to review plans and specifications as they are developed, while ensuring technical continuity of the facilities throughout the Diocese.


File: Construction-Project-Policy-Rev_2-2016.pdf