Updated as of November 16, 2020

List of Admitted, Proven, or Credibly Accused Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse

As agreed to in the Third Plan of Reorganization, the Fairbanks Diocese is posting the names of all known individuals, including priests, religious, lay employees and volunteers, against whom a complaint of sexual abuse has been filed by one or more individuals. Those listed include Admitted, Proven, or Credibly Accused Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse.

As noted above, the Diocese of Fairbanks agreed as part of its bankruptcy to post on its website for a period of ten years (starting on March 19, 2010) a list of names of known perpetrators. However, the Diocese did not remove the list from the website when the ten years expired. By keeping the list posted, the Diocese sought to continue its efforts to promote healing and reconciliation, and to prevent sexual abuse from occurring in the Diocese in the future.

Instead of taking the list off the website, the Diocese engaged in a thorough review of its files to determine if any additional names should be added to the list of Admitted, Proven, or Credibly Accused Perpetrators. The Diocese hired Dr. Kathleen McChesney and her firm, Kinsale Management Consulting, to conduct an independent review of Diocesan files. The goal of the review was to identify clergy and religious men and women who served, or were known to have resided, in the Diocese of Fairbanks and for whom allegations of sexual abuse of minors or vulnerable adults were admitted, established or determined to be credible.

The names of those individuals identified in Dr. McChesney’s review were then provided to the Diocesan Review Board who recommended which names should be added to the list. Bishop Chad Zielinski approved all names recommended by the Review Board and they appear in this new listing and are annotated by an asterisk.

Read the attached statement issued by Bishop Chad Zielinki on November 16, 2020 about independent review process. File: Bishops_letter_16_Nov_2020.pdf

The number of reports are in parenthesis.

Rev. Rene Astruc, SJ (3); Died 2002
Rev. Charles Bartles, SJ (1); Died 1993
Rev. John Baud, SJ (1); Died 1968
Rev. Jules Convert, SJ (38); Died 1995
Rev. Robert Corrigal, SJ (1); Died 1988
Rev. Norman Donohue, SJ (4); Died 1983
Rev. George Endal, SJ (26); Died 1996
Rev. Andrew Eordogh, SJ (1); Died 2009
Rev. Francis Fallert, SJ (1); Died 1990
Rev. John Fox, SJ (1); Died 1983
Rev. Harold Greif, SJ (1); Died 1991
Rev. Henry Hargreaves, SJ (10); Died 2013
Rev. James Jacobson, SJ (13); Retired
Rev. Clint Landry; Laicized, Incarcerated
Rev. James Laudwein, SJ (1); Retired
Rev. J. Albert Levitre, Jr., Laicized *
Rev. Paul Linssen, SJ (1); Died 1960
Rev. Segundo Llorente, SJ (3); Died 1989
Rev. Richard McCaffrey, SJ (9); Died 2006
Rev. Angus McDonald (4); Died 1988
Rev. William McIntyre, SJ (1); Died 1983
Rev. Bernard McMeel, SJ (1); Died 1994
Rev. Cornelius Murphy, SJ (1); Died 1982
Rev. Francis Nawn, SJ (24); Died 1992
Rev. Paul O'Conner, SJ (1); Died 1979
Rev. James W. Plamondon, SJ, Ret. (1); Died 1989
Rev. James Poole, SJ (19); Died 2018
Rev. Charles Saalfeld, SJ (2); Died 1978
Rev. John Wood, SJ (2); Died 1997
Rev. Vernon Uhran, Laicized *

Deacon Pat Beans, Sr. (1); Died 2009
Deacon Francis Charlie *
Deacon Joseph Lake, Sr. (1); Died 1990

Br. Robert Benish, SJ (2); Died 1991
Br. Francis Fox, SJ (1); Died 1994
Br. Ignatius Jakes, SJ (5); Died 1999

Sr. Evelyn (1); Unknown 
Sr. Marion Jude (1); Unknown 
Sr. Mary Asia (2); Unknown 
Sr. Mary Joanne (1); Unknown 
Sr. Mary Rosalia (1); Unknown 
Sr. Pascal (6); Unknown 
Sr. Rita (1); Unknown 

Vincent Fox (1); Unknown 
Alec Hunt (1); Unknown 
Steve Joe (1); Unknown 
Joseph Lundowski (112); Died 1996
Kathy R. Oliver (1); Unknown 
Anton Smario (27); Unknown