Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

In the recent years, I have been approached by many parents, young adults and youth about the deluge of information flowing on social media, the television and internet regarding gender identity.  In the Book of Genesis, we clearly see that out of a Divine act of love God created the man and woman.  All of who man is and all of who the woman is was God’s idea from the beginning, and he declared them in their sexual identity as good.  God got it right from the beginning.  

However, there seems to be confusion regarding gender theory.  Yes, the confusion involves very real and complicated circumstances amidst some challenging dynamics that requires a pastoral response.  However, this does not change the profound beauty, goodness and truth woven into the very gender of each person at birth by God’s design.

I urge you to go to a recently developed website that reflects our Catholic understanding of the human person.  Also, I have included a pastoral guideline to our diocesan policy regarding gender identity.

Sincerely in Christ,

Bishop Chad Zielinski


Policy on Gender Identity

Pastoral Guide to Gener Identity Policy