Churches, schools and youth organizations must ensure that children and youth who worship, study or participate in activities sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks are safe and secure.

The Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks provides training on child abuse issues, including sexual abuse. Parents, ministers, educators, church personnel, volunteers and others regularly involved with minors are required to participate in this training. 

The training addresses the following items:

What constitutes child abuse, including sexual abuse?

What actions, procedures and policies are used to prevent child abuse in any form?

How to identify instances of abuse?

What signs should an adult look for in a child who may be abused?

What signs should an adult look for in a person who may be an abuser.

What actions to take if abuse is suspected?

For more information in addition to the policy below, please visit
(Preventing and Responding To Ministry-Related Child Sexual Abuse)

This policy became effective and mandatory on August 1, 2003.
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