Donate stock to Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska (CBNA) from your broker.

Donate Stock

One opportunity for assisting with our mission work here in northern Alaska is to make a gift of stock to the Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska (CBNA), the corporate legal name for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks. If you are interested in providing a donation to the missions in this manner, the following procedure should be used.


Contact your broker or use your online brokerage account to request a transfer of your stock (mutual fund or common) to the Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska and request them to contact First National Bank Alaska Investment Trust, CBNA's stock depository at (907) 777-4572 with the following instructions:


"This transfer is being executed as a gift to the Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska. I would like to do a Depository Trust Corporation (DTC) Transfer of _______________ (# of shares of a particular stock) to:

DTC Eligible Securities

Participant Number: 2116 - Fifth Third Bank

FFC A/C#: 010034293650

A/C Name: FNB Alaska

Agent Bank#: 10016

Institutional ID#: 61219

For Further Credit To:

Catholic Bishop of Northern Alaska

Name of Transferee/Donor: ______________________________ "


For all other questions in relationship to stock donations please contact the Office of Development at 907-374-9528 or by email