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Winter 2019


Please join Bishop Chad Zielinski and the Office of Stewardship and Development for a conversation about life insurance and estate planning


 Saturday, April 16th, from 2-5 PM, at the Kobuk Center.

Also attending will be local New York Life agents Linda and Erik Hulbert, who can share real-life stories about these subjects and what they may mean to people in our community.  Like many others, their family suffered an unexpected tragedy and was unprepared for it.  Since then, they have worked hard to help others plan ahead for difficult times.



Some questions to think about

Do you know the difference between whole, term, and universal life insurance?

Do you know that life insurance does not have to go through the probate process?

Do you know that there are tax advantages to some life insurance policies?

Do you know that some life insurance policies have a cash value and this can be used to pay off debt and long term care expenses?

Do you want to leave money for your grandchildren or for your favorite charity?

For answers to questions like these and others, please attend the seminar. We may be able to help you!

Space is limited. Please call Teresa, at (907) 374-9528, or email

Kobuk Center will provide food and beverages for those in attendance.  The conference may not take the entire time but we are allowing this amount of time for a question and answer period and leave enough time to attend Mass after.

Jo A. Kuchle from the law office of Cook Schumann and Groseclose, Inc. will be on hand from 4pm – 5pm to answer any questions you may have about wills and estates.