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Diocesan Magazine

Diocese of Fairbanks e-Magazine, November 2019

The Alaskan Shepherd



Arctic Footprints

Winter 2019


Led by Father Greg Vance, SJ

Mondays of Lent:  5:15pm-5:45pm

Holy Family Chapel

Please join us on this Lenten Pilgrimage, rooted in the journey of St. Ignatius as he sought a deeper experience of God’s presence and will; a more intimate relationship with

Jesus Christ.

We invite Catholic Schools of Fairbanks families, alum, faculty, and friends to join us.  

Learn more about and reconnect with the Jesuit roots of our schools.  

We gather to pray in gratitude to God who loves us into being; to pray for one another; to pray for our schools; to center our spirits during Lent. 




Week 1 – Feb. 15The Life of St. Ignatius

How do I need to change?

Week 2 – Feb. 22First Principal & Foundation

What is my deepest desire?

Week 3- Feb. 29The First Jesuits; St. Francis Xavier

How can I use my talents for God?

Week 4- March 7All Things Jesuit

A.M.D.G., God in all things, be a person for others…

Week 5- March 14 (Spring Break)


Week 6- March 21 The Five Jesuit Pillars

Intellectually Competent, Committed to Doing Justice, Open to Growth, Religious & Loving